Stunning amala ekpunobi biography, age, real name (2022)

Amala Ekpunobi is a famous American actress and in this article, you will get to know everything related to Amala’s life like Amala Ekpunobi biography, Amala Ekpunobi age, education, lifestyle, career, and many more things. She is a very famous actress in the United States and here we will discuss everything about her life, so, read this full article and get a chance to know about Amala Ekpunobi biography. She was married once and then get divorced from her husband. There are a total of 5 family members in her family where two are siblings and the mom and dad. She is very famous for her acting and was born in Log Angeles in the United States of America.

amala ekpunobi biography

Amala Ekpunobi Biography, Age, Real Name

Here I will tell you everything about Amala Ekpunobi biography, Amala Ekpunobi age, real name, education, family members, and all other things.

Marital Status Single
Profession Brand Ambassador and social media influencer
Qualification Graduated from USA
Education Graduate
Hobbies Posting videos
Sun Sign Gemini
Real name Susan Susan Amala Ekpunobi
Nick Name Amala
Birth place Los Los Angeles, USA
Net worth 300k USD
Birth date 16 June 2000
Weight 55 kg
Nationality American
Hometown America
Height 5’6″
Family Mother and 2 siblings
amala ekpunobi biography

Amala Ekpunobi biography

Social media is a very popular platform where anyone can get famous if they are using the platform in the right manner. It is very easy nowadays to use social media and get fame and popularity among people and many people use this strategy to become famous and Amala Ekpunobi is one of them. She is a famous personality nowadays and a social media influencer and a brand ambassador also. She started her career in social media platforms from scratch and now is a great personality. Amala Ekpunobi is a very big name in social media nowadays and an ambassador of Prager. She got popular just in a few months and many people appreciate her for the content she posts on the social media platform.

amala ekpunobi biography

And after Tiktok came, she started to make interesting videos and started to post on Tiktok and other social media platforms also like Instagram, Facebook, etc. She gains many followers on every social media platform just because she makes valuable and right content which loved by everyone in the world. But unfortunately, due to some violations, Tiktok has banned her account permanently and now she started to post her videos on Instagram.

Amala Ekpunobi Biography related things like her age, education, etc.

Amala Ekpunobi age:

As mentioned above in the table, Amala Ekpunobi’s real name is Susan Amala Ekpunobi and she is 22 years old now. She was born on 16 June 2000 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America, and the sun sign or the zodiac sign of Amala Ekpunobi is Gemini.

amala ekpunobi biography

She is the only daughter of her mother and no information about her father is available over the internet. Amala Ekpunobi was raised by her mother only in Nigeria with both her mother and father. She used to live in Nigeria in her early days with her parents though no one knows anything about her father. There is nothing available on the internet about her father and as per the report, she has two siblings also. But there is no valid information about her siblings also and after some years she left Nigeria and came to the USA.

Amala Ekpunobi Education

There is no full information available about her on the internet but it is believed that she has graduated from a reputed university in the United States of America and knows everything about the social media platform. She knows everything related to social media platforms like how to make the right content, how to get viral on social media, or how to get more popularity over social media platforms. This is the reason behind the popularity and success of Amala Ekpunobi on the social media platform.

amala ekpunobi biography

Amala Ekpunobi Career

As I mentioned above, she is a social media influencer and usually posts the right content only. We can analyze her lifestyle just by reading her post. She is aware of everything related to social media networks. To know everything about Amala Ekpunobi biography, it is very important to know what she do for her career and how she became popular. 

As she became famous, many companies tried to make her their brand ambassador, and finally, she signed as a brand ambassador of Prager. In her early days when she was just a student, she was interested to give a lecture and speak in public places about many things and now she became a public face.

amala ekpunobi biography

The journey of Amala Ekpunobi is really interesting and success can inspire anyone to focus on a social media platform and achieve their dream to be a successful person in their life.

She currently using Instagram to post her content on social media and became an independent woman. Just by using social media platforms, she can earn approximately 300k US Dollars.

She is a very famous personality in social media platform like Tiktok and Instagram. To know more about Amala Ekpunobi biography, please comment below.

This is all about Amala Ekpunobi biography, hope you guys understand and get everything you are looking for. Please comment with your feedback and share this article.

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amala ekpunobi biography

amala ekpunobi biography

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